Av3Creator - Easy 3.0 Creation

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Check my brand new script clicking here! (https://gum.co/basicdynamics)

Av3Creator is a script with multiples tools that will help you with your 3.0 creation. Keep in mind that the script is in early stage of development and I will bring new features as soon as possible.

Discord Community (Support and Avatars)

Your support is really welcome and appreciated, this will encourage me to develop more functions for this tool and help more people. So please consider buying the support version or pay as much you can. Goto the Trello page to check current/planned features for this script. [click here]

Advanced Toggle Creator

The Advanced Toggle Creator is finally here, and as the name suggests, can help you making some Advanced things, like:

  • Poiyomi Dissolve
  • Blendshape/Animated Blendshape
  • Material Swaps
  • Parameter Driver
  • And some other things!

HUE Shift Creator (for Supporter Version only)

This tool will help you creating HUE Shifts for your Poiyomi materials! So if you need to create a slider for changing the eye color or even the cloth color, you can do this in some seconds! And give more value to your final product!

Quick Toggle Creator

The Quick Toggle Creator can reduce your "Unity Time" in few hours depending how much toggles you need to create (and how lazy you are). This script creates all the animations for your toggle just with a simple drag-and-drop object. You can use as many toggles as you want, the script will generate a paginator menu for all of them.

Quick Toggle Features:

  • Can make both write-defaults modes
  • Can have multiple toggles, as long as you have parameters
  • Automatically generates the menu with a paginator if have more than 8 toggles
  • Each toggle can have multiple elements, if your toggle need to

Parameter Editor

The Parameter Editor is a better editor for parameters, can easily reorganize the parameter list, add new parameters, or even remove/reset them. In this editor, you can rename a parameter and the script will automatically rename the same parameter in all of your layers/conditions.
Also, this editor have some other features, like, merging parameters and removing the unused/duplicated ones!

Project Organizer

Are you tired of organizing your project before making a unitypackage? This script helps you with that! With a few clicks, the script will get the dependencies of your avatar and group them in a new folder! (The script will duplicate the assets for a new folder, dont worry about messy up another avatars)

Preset Creator

Preset Creator helps to easily create Parameter Drivers for your avatar! (which I like to call Preset System). It is not much hard to understand, but you have to think a little to this. (I have plans to make this more easy and sophisticated)

Extra Features

  • Quick clone the VRChat Hands Controller and use it for FX Controller
  • Quick generate a ExpressionParameters and apply to avatar
  • Simple Fix for Overlap Expression (prevent expression when another hand is with Gesture condition more than 0)
  • Remove unused parameters (detect and remove unused parameters for more space for your ExpressionParameters)

Planned Features

You can view what I working on and what I plan to in the Av3Creator | Trello.


  1. Do NOT redistribute or resell.
  2. Do NOT claims as your own.
  3. Do NOT attempt to change or modify the script, this can break the code.
  5. Credit is required, preferably with a hyperlink, this helps a lot. (E.g.: "Toggles Generated by Av3Creator")


Alibabah#2302 - THE BEST VIDEO EDITOR IN THIS WORLD. Contact him for comission request/info. Please give him support, he is a amazing person.
Akami#0066 🖤
Cam - Parameters with slashes idea
Dreadrith - A great repos of Unity Editor content that I used to study
Thryrallo#0001 - Poiyomi Support
Beta testers that helped me finding some bugs!

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Last updated May 31, 2023

V1.4 is available for everyone! So many new features!


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Av3Creator - Easy 3.0 Creation

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